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What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a trading method based on the logic of copying the transactions of trusted investors, which has been very popular abroad in recent years.

Let’s elaborate a little now:

You can find dozens of websites where you can copy trade. Avatrade is one of the most popular ones that I use. When you become a member of avatrade and open an account, an account advisor is assigned to you. It will call and give you brief information about the use of the site, margin trade (leveraged transactions) and transaction types. If you want, he also shares a training set consisting of short videos. I’ve looked a little bit will be useful training for beginners. They also share the same information via e-mail. welcome etc… the amount you will definitely deposit etc. There was no marketing-style conversation.

It is very simple to start investing after you become a member of the site. You can deposit money using bitcoin as they do not receive payments from turkey via bank. It is important that you transfer btc from your own btc wallet, not from exchanges, because you will use the same address when withdrawing btc later.

After making a deposit, it’s time to decide which trader to invest in. You can decide from the top traders list by looking at their risk ratios, strategies and profit/loss charts. traders receive commissions on the money they earn. Popular traders usually charge 50% commission. There are also good traders who buy 20%.

I am following x. It has been making steady profits for a long time. The $100 I deposited for trial purposes in the last 5 months became $173.53 after paying the commissions. But that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt and it won’t hurt you either.

therefore; I recommend to my friends who are considering investing, starting with a small amount and seeing the progress. I know there are some crazy friends between us. Let me tell you, remember that trading is always risky, don’t sell the house and the car and get into this business.

Traders make purchases/sells over the currency pairs listed by the site, and you share the profit or loss of all transactions of the trader you follow. Let’s say your cynical recai made a profit. Your $100 became $120 at the end of the month. If the commission rate is 50 percent, your profit is calculated as follows after the commissions are paid.

(period-end balance – principal) x commission rate = profit
($120 – $100) x 0.50 = $10

In short, when the employee earns 20 percent, you will have made $10 at the end of the month. the other $10 is settled between the trader and the exchange office. we don’t get involved in that part.

Let me state it again; All buy/sell transactions, especially leveraged transactions, are risky transactions. It is important not to go head-to-head without knowledge and experience. Also: by using your account in safe mode, you can exit all buy/sell transactions when a certain loss level is reached. e.g; When you select safe mode up to 30%, if your $100 drops to $70, you will get your $70 back, not including any trades you follow after that.

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